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What are the required materials - music, books, materials, etc. for your studio?

What items, music, method books, etc. are required?

Required Materials

  1. An active subscription to SmartMusic. It has thousands of exercises, full method books, Jazz Improvisation, and Full Band, Choir, and Jazz Ensemble pieces. A subscription get’s you everything in the program for a year. They are constantly adding material, and we will be using it in your practice. If you download the app for Windows or Mac, you have the full feature set, but you might want to play around with the recently launched iPad Application if you have one. (You don’t have to run out and buy an iPad – the computer program is great! (and currently has more features).
  2. A Warm-Up Book. (Please order ASAP, as it can take a bit to get, and is not available locally)
    • 4th–7th/8th Grade: The Brass Buzz by Michael Davis
    • 8th Grade-Professional: The [15 Minute Warm-Up](15 Minute Warm-Up) by Michael Davis
  3. Your Band Book required by your director

Other things to bring to lessons/pickup:

  • a book of solos you’re interested in–classical, pop, movies, etc.
  • All-State Audition Material
  • Jazz Improvisation–you’re pick!

Instrument Maintenance

  • This page has a wealth of information on how to better take care of your instrument, as well as links to maintenance items you can pickup at your local music store, or directly at Please do take time to view the videos at least once, and clean your horn at least every 3–4 weeks. The better care you take care of your instrument –the easier it is to play!
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