Bonehead Music

I need a new case

Help! - My case is:

  • Too heavy
  • Broken
  • Worn Out
  • Boring

I do own, and use gig bags, but in general I have to recommend a lightweight case with a composite or wooden shell - (Read here: Protection similar to a hard case, but lightness/portability closer to a gig bag.

Tenor Trombones

If you want a case that is more lightweight, but still provides great protection for the horn, for a medium or large tenor with or without a valve, I really like the:

Bass Trombones

Gig Bags

This one is easy - if you want the best gig bag ever, and the only guy I trust my horns to, look no further than master craftsman, Mr. Glenn Cronkhite, the inventor of the Reunion Blues gig bag.

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