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FAQ: Why should I do long tones?

By establishing a regular routine, or daily warm-up, you will begin building the framework for long term chops. Long tones are the cornerstone of any good routine, as they will allow you to build strength, stamina, range (both high and low), and the finesse needed to have great flexibility and legato. While they can seem tedious, be sure to include them with your routine, but most importantly, approach them with care, focus, and intensity. Focus on your breath, body position, and keeping the flow of wind steady, full, and sights faster than you think. Envision your ideal sound, think of players you admire and wish to emulate, and strive to reproduce this ideal sound as you play your long tones. Focus, breathe, and HAVE FUN! Take your time- progress is incremental, slow and steady wins the race.

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